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“Stranger” Photobombs Wedding Photo Shoot

Rock Star Bono Interrupts Wedding Photo Shoot

How would you feel if Bono from the legendary rock band U2 photobombed your special portraits on your wedding day? This couple found out when Bono, who was walking with his daughter at the time, jumped in for a few shots with the happy couple.

Myself, as a groom would love it…wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. I love the band’s music but I don’t know the man personally so would take it in my stride…besides, what a cool shot to add to the album and show your friends.

As a photographer, I would absolutely make the most of it, assuming the couple were ok with it. If they objected, I would politely ask him to bugger off!

More below (including images):

Bono from U2 photobombs wedding day

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